Hotel Dogana Resort – Molfetta

TEST 333 Dogana Resort is the result of a major renovation and functional redevelopment of the ancient seminary of the city of Molfetta, a building that, together with the ancient cathedral of San Corrado, constitutes one of the most characteristic elements of the seafront waterfront. The building is characterized by the union of different building […]

Interior – Andria

Interior – Andria An interior project that aims at the aesthetic continuity of the rooms. To the boiserie the task of connecting the spaces, adding functionality, aesthetics and elegance in the lines and choice of materials that see onyx persia and oak alternating in a game of empty and full spaces. Share on

Interior – Trani

Interior – Trani A project made with the utmost care and detail, in a very bright environment furnished by a living room with a retractable TV area that also projects into the kitchen area with doors that close inside the cabinets. A weave of different essences and materials that stand out in every part, wood, […]

Interior Sartoriale – Andria

Interior Sartoriale – Andria In this living area all the furniture was designed in such a way as to make the most of the position of this wall. A functional and aesthetic result for a project sewn ad hoc, like a tailored suit, reflecting the soul of those who inhabit these rooms. Share on