About Us

Years of Experience and Passion, discover the history of Ebanisteria Quacquarelli. 

About Us

Ebanisteria Antonio QUACQUARELLI is an industry leader that has always operated with great professionalism and success combining research , experience , study and innovation.

The craft workshop dedicated to the skillful processing of our products, the administrative department and each company department work synergistically day after day to achieve ambitious and far-sighted goals, considering customer satisfaction as the basis of the company philosophy.

With great dedication, we manage to meet every expectation and need of the customer by considering every single request at every moment of production, not neglecting the practicality and innovation that make our product unique.

Continuous research into new materials and collaboration with the best technicians in the industry (interior designers, architects and interior decorators) allow for the customization of environments while producing something exclusive and innovative.

Our operations office with the most skilled craftsmen in the industry are always happy to welcome customers during the production stages of their furniture, giving them a chance to touch what they had previously only imagined.


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