Hotel Dogana Resort – Molfetta

Dogana Resort is the result of a major renovation and functional redevelopment of the ancient seminary of the city of Molfetta, a building that, together with the ancient cathedral of San Corrado, constitutes one of the most characteristic elements of the seafront waterfront.

The building is characterized by the union of different building bodies, ancient palaces built on the waterfront between the 14th and 15th centuries and belonging to local noble families.

The general and functional concept was defined through an intense dialogue with the pre-existences based on the drafting of new contemporary textures.

Consequently, the restoration project was philologically oriented toward the recomposition of volumes and the rediscovery of the different material and decorative stratigraphies by means of a synthetic and pure language capable of highlighting details and edges of the artifact without depriving it of its aesthetic, perceptual and sensory continuum.

In particular, Matrix, Penelope, Primofiore, and Reflex finishes were used to create a bespoke furniture and decor program with pure and essential forms with the aim of enhancing the late Baroque architecture of the Palace and the colors of the sea in front of the town quay

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