Pescandalo – Trani

Pescandalo, a slogan capable of tempting the most daring devotees of raw food.

The concept aims to bring inside the space the choices that the same patron placed inside the dishes back in 2011.

Famous for sophisticated seafood crudes reinterpreted in a minimalist fusion vision, Pescandalo, stands in one of the most attractive areas of Puglia: in Trani’s splendid Piazza Plebiscito, inside the historic Palazzo Soria.

The location was a strong inspiration: we tried to draw information from the past, from the history of Palazzo Soria, from those who lived there, and tried to connect the culinary concept with that of the space.

We paused to look at the structure and imagine how we could make a place so rich in history and tradition dialogue with an innovative project with minimalist features.

The same project would be followed in the areas facing Palazzo Soria, on which the summer dehor was to be built. Historical research had a great impact in the choice of forms, so much so that the starting point of the project stems precisely from the desire to revive the feelings evoked by the architecture in the outdoor environment.

The interior vaults of the building recall the shapes of the historic glass bells in which “santini” or stuffed butterflies were stored.

Hence the intuition to reenact a glass bell in the outdoors and bring the same concept back to the interior spaces but emphasizing the framework of the glass bell structure with a curved solid wood mesh covered in backlit sound-absorbing fabric.

The past and tradition coming alive in contemporary design and good food.

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