Ton Joy – Andria

TONJOY is an innovative food & lounge concept, inspired by the fusion of Mare Nostrum tradition with Japanese Sushi culture.

The project, curated by the Studio with responsibility also in Art Direction, aims to create an experiential place of contemporary rituality and conviviality, offering guests a perfect combination of scents, taste, colors and design.

The synaesthetic approach integrates the architectural matrix with the sensory-olfactory experience, ensuring perfect synchrony.

The venue is located in the historic center of Andria, a Federician land with the epic architecture of Castel del Monte. The spaces are developed on two levels: the ground floor has a square floor plan with large windows that relate the interior space to the pedestrian streets.

The entrance, on the diagonal side, reveals a strategic distribution with an elegant open kitchen and tables around it.

A show-cooking space is separated from the room by a sophisticated box of eucalyptus wood, brass, and smoky gray glass.

Moving inside, one experiences a distorting effect of the space, with two vanishing points marked by the cocktail bar and a stereometric composition of wine containers.

A stoneware-clad staircase connects the ground floor to the underground level, which houses a meeting room, storage areas, and staff spaces.

The studio was inspired by the interiors and furnishings of the 1970s, seeking to translate fresh elegance and relaxation while maintaining a sense of compositional research.

Textural and chromatic ingredients, stoneware wall tiles, glass paste mosaics and cotton fabrics were carefully selected, as were lighting effects, to create welcoming and versatile atmospheres.

TONJOY aims to be an alternative to the widespread sense of standardization in Italian dining, offering an engaging and harmonious experience to anyone who visits.

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